The Three-Years-Old Phase of Horse Life

Simon is the most laid back three year old horse I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I’ve (or my parents) had a lot of youngsters over the years and none have had the calm aura like Simon. He doesn’t act a fool in the pasture. He calmly goes in and out of the barn. He stands like a post when I mount and dismount. He stands quietly for grooming with no silly faces (like Sterling) or chewing on the cross ties (like Coco). He is so calm, that I apparently take it for granted. You can imagine my surprise when I found his foot like this when bringing him in from turnout recently.

I have NO idea if he did it in his stall overnight and I overlooked it when turning him out in the morning or if it he did it during turnout. He hasn’t taken a lame step (knock on wood) and it appears to be healing nicely, but holy smokes it looks BAD! There are also these scrapes higher up on the same leg that make one think he stuck his leg through the pipe fence in his turnout (the lowest bar is about 18″ off the ground).

As soon as I noticed the wounds I cleaned them up, but opted to not wrap his foot. The part of his heel that was pulled off started to get kind of nasty so after a few days I did super clean it and wrap it up. This horse. I tell you what, he is something. I cleaned the foot with the hose where I wash my horses and took him back to his stall where I put medication on the wounds and wrapped it up. All with no halter on Simon. For reals. He just stands there eating his food while I wrap up his gnarly injured foot. Have I mentioned how calm and amazing this horse is?! Granted he is only three years old, so things could change mightily with time. Boot City thinks he just so grateful to be off the track that he is on his best behavior to avoid being sent back. Running just isn’t his thing.

I feel like all horses go through an accident prone stage, so that is how I’m chalking up this injury. I won’t ride him again until it is fully healed and he seems sound (not that he doesn’t seem sound now, again, no limping).

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  1. Cheryl Zovich
    April 19, 2017 at 1:52 pm (6 years ago)

    Ugh! The hoof looks awful, but at least he’s not lame. Dodged a bullet there perhaps? The scrapes look nasty too. I arrived at the barn yesterday to discover a large hairless patch on the inside of my mare’s hind leg. How she got that I don’t know, but I suspect it involved a fence and perhaps the gelding in the pasture next to her? Thankfully, it’s mostly superficial. A sign of spring I guess?

    • tntibbetts8008
      April 21, 2017 at 8:29 am (6 years ago)

      My other TB did that last spring. He is gray so still has the extra dark hair where his inside hind leg got scraped up. These horses, they age us exponentially! I def think we dodged a bullet with Simon’s hoof. It has been a few weeks now and he still hasn’t taken a lame step and there have been no signs of infection. Phew! It looks MUCH better now, but I’m not going to ride him until it looks completely healed. He is only 3 so the time off isn’t hurting him at all.


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