Because we REALLY needed another dog!

Boot City and I love dogs. We REALLY love dogs. This past summer I was able to talk Boot City into fostering dogs for the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. The way it works is you identify a dog that you’re interested in fostering, confirm it is eligible for fostering (some dogs have major health issues […]

Farm Friday 09.09.2016

We had some AMAZING cool August weather, but alas it is hot again. Early mornings make for great sunset viewing     Kitties on a ’57 Chevy     Lately Tarzan and Sabrina (we are probably keeping the mama foster kitty) have gotten on top of the barn a lot. Weirdos.       Chivas […]

Farm Friday 09.02.2016

This is where the goats live when it rains. Because goats melt when they get wet…..     The driveway has been a special version of horrible since we have been getting lots of August rains so Boot City poured a load of concrete on Derrbetts Grand Canyon Part 4   He does good work. […]

Coco – 0, Fence-1

A (non-horsey) friend of mine often says that horses are born trying to die. Most of the time I don’t agree, but every once in a while they (the horses) attempt to change my mind. It has rained quite a lot lately so I’ve kept the horses in their stalls for the past couple nights. […]

Farm Friday 08.19.2016

One trip to South Padre and I fall off the planet! I’m back. Sunburned and now peeling, but I’m back. We have had AMAZING weather this past week. The week prior was hot and gross, so the cooler rainy weather is very welcome.   Dougal played in the rain last weekend and looked like a […]

Riding Coco

It has been about 15 years since I broke a horse to ride myself. I never had a “job” during high school, instead I would break the 2 year olds my parents were raising to ride in preparation to be sold later on. Breaking a warmblood is a bit different from breaking Quarter Horses, but […]

Bevel Summer Sale!

One of my most favourite places to shop for horsey items is Beval. I’ve not ever been to the actual stores on the East Coast, but I’ve gotten lots of stuff off their website and in January had a saddle fitter come out and I bought the Beval Artisan saddle for fox hunting because I […]

Farm Friday 07.22.2016

I often think I miss a lot of posting opportunities about the farm animals so I’m starting a new regular post; Farm Fridays! They will consist primarily of just recent photos of happenings on the farm. Enjoy!        

Jaguar’s Retirement Celebration

I’m absolutely terrible at taking photos at my own parties. Terrible! We had a lovely gathering of horsey and not-so-horsey friends over to celebrate Jaguar’s retirement. This year has been so hard, I needed something happy to happen at the farm and this was just the ticket. I’m sure many of my friends and family […]

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