Garth Brooks!

I grew up listening to Garth Brooks. I’ve never been a huge fan, but due to his level of popularity and the fact that my hometown had 3 radio stations and the ones with good reception were country music stations, I know most of his songs by heart. I didn’t want to be on the “bandwagon” of his popularity, but even I can’t deny that his music is great and that he is the quintessential entertainer!

After a decade long hiatus from performing he’s been doing some shows lately and when it was announced that he was opening and closing the Houston Stock Show my girlfriends were determined we were going to go so I lucked into tickets for  the closing performance. It was difficult to get 6 seats together so we had some trouble finding them close together. When it was all said and done our seats were definitely nosebleed, but there really weren’t any GREAT seats and none were terrible.


I have to say that seeing Garth at a rodeo venue was the BEST way to see him! He was definitely in his element and clearly loved being on the stage surrounded by true rodeo fans (although half the stadium was empty until the concert started). He opened with Rodeo and really got the crowd going immediately.

My photographic timing is poor here, but we were also lucky to have Trisha Yearwood join him on stage for a duet and she sang her own American Girl. The only bad part of the concert were the feral people sitting in front of us. They were the ONLY people within eyesight who insisted on standing and dancing during most of the concert, blocking our view and the view of people behind us as well as being obnoxious in general. We asked them to please sit down and they responded with snarky comments. They were drunk and seemed younger than us by a few years and clearly missed learning their manners in social settings.

The concert was amazing and I’m so glad I got to go! I’m not a big concert goer, but this being the second Houston Stock Show concert I’ve attended I def think it is my preferred venue. I love seeing the country performers at an actual country venue.

If you are on Instagram you can see some live video in my Insta stories. @tntibbetts

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